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Savox SC0254MG Servo 7.2kg

Savox SC0254MG Servo 7.2kg

Ref: SAV-SC0254MG

Brand: Savox

Savox SC0254MG Servo 7.2kg, Standard Size digital servo with high performance rate and strong metal gears.

Savox SC-0254MG Features:

Precise-made metal and plastic gears forms as the solid and strong framework of our servos.

Production and quality control of plastic component in our servos follow the standard of branded digital camera

Totally Green – from material to production, our servos are environmentally friendly.

Dimensions: 40.7 x 20 x 39.4mm

Weight: 49g

Speed (sec/60°): 0.14

Torque (kg-cm/oz-in): 7.2/99.9

Gear: Metal

Case: Plastic

Price: £20.30 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 22.99 - you save 12%

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