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T-28 Trojan with Retracts 1100mm

T-28 Trojan with Retracts 1100mm
T-28 Trojan with Retracts 1100mm - view 1T-28 Trojan with Retracts 1100mm - view 2T-28 Trojan with Retracts 1100mm - view 3T-28 Trojan with Retracts 1100mm - view 4

Ref: ARR006P

Brand: Arrows Hobby

This T28 is a feature packed model, with flaps, retracts and scale features it really looks the part. Flying doesn't disappoint either. If you dont already have suitable batteries for the model we recommend the Radient 3s 2200mAh lipo below with the deans to xt60 conversion plug.

Key Features

Power system- 3536 850kV Motor, 40A ESC

High power-to-weight ratio

Recommended battery 11.1V 2200mAh 25C

Oversized battery compartment for a multitude of battery sizes and capacities

7x Pre-installed high quality servos

Highly detailed realistic and functional flaps and landing gear

Removable auxiliary fuel tank, bombs and rocket pods

Highly durable airframe

Easy assembly

Water-based paint

What's in the Box

1x Factory assembled and painted fuselage.

1x Factory assembled and painted 1-piece wing

1x Factory assembled and painted tail set

1x Pre-installed 3536 850kV motor

1x Pre-installed 40A esc with XT60 connector

3x Pre-installed electric retracts

1x Scale 3-blade propeller and spinner set

1x Elevator spar

1x Screw and push rod set

1x Instruction manual

Needed to Complete

6 channel radio and receiver

Recommended 11.1V 2200mAh 25C LiPo


The North American T-28 Trojan, a piston powered two seater trainer aircraft, was the last piston powered trainer to enter service with the United States Air Force and Navy. Designed in the 1950's, this aircraft played a key role in helping pilots transition from basic trainers to jet aircraft. The Arrows Hobby T-28 is one of the easiest flying aircraft on the market today. A beginner with basic flight experience could easily fly the T-28 with ease without the assistance of a gyro system. Featuring a realistic three bladed propeller, rivets, panel lines, landing gear doors and functional flaps, the T-28 looks as real as its full sized counterpart. A powerful 40A ESC and 3536 KV850 power system provides more than adequate thrust whenever necessary. The Arrows Hobby T-28 is a perfect aircraft for pilots transitioning from high winged aircraft and those who are looking for a scale aircraft that is easy to fly.

Product Length 915mm 36.02in

Product Wingspan 1,100mm 43.31in

Product Wing Area 20.00dm2 310in2

Price: £160.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
RRP 204.99 - you save 22%

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