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Fuel Tank and Bottle Fittings

DB401 Glo-Fuel Replacement Bung

SKU: DB401
 in stock

RRP 2.99 You Save 13%
2.60  each

DB400 Petrol Replacement Bung

SKU: DB400
 in stock

RRP 2.99 You Save 10%
2.70  each

Dubro Fuel Can Fitting Set

SKU: DB192
 in stock

5.50  each
RRP 14.20 You Save 12%
12.50  each

Long Tank Nipple Blue

SKU: RCW0288
 in stock

4.80  each

Tank Nipple

SKU: RCW0287
 in stock

4.10  each

Tank Vent

SKU: RCW0286
 in stock

2.40  each

Primer Bottle 6oz

SKU: 5509215
 in stock

1.80  each

Glow Fuel Bottle 4 Litre

SKU: RCW0198
 in stock

6.50  each

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