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Zenoah 45 Titan 45SL Petrol Engine

Zenoah 45 Titan 45SL Petrol Engine

Ref: 4500

Brand: Zenoah

Since its launch in 1994 the ZG45SL has proved to be a veritable wolf in sheeps clothing. Its horizontally opposed inlet and exhaust, as well as allowing a very compact design, make this engine among the most powerful for its size available today.

It features a very high power magneto/electronic ignition producing a strong spark from very low revs making the engine easy to start, even when wet, with the now legendary Zenoah reliability.

Your propellers are safely secured with a large single bolt to its very wide hub flange, avoiding the need to weaken them by drilling for multi-bolt hubs.


Capacity: 45 cc

Bore: 43 mm

Stroke: 31 mm

Power: Standard silencer: 3.5 hp

Weight: 1690g without silencer

Price: £319.90 (Including VAT at 20%)

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