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Zenoah Easy Start System

Zenoah Easy Start System

Ref: 7777

Brand: Zenoah

Zenoah Easy Start System

Starting either your ZG45 or ZG62 is now easier with this system. Instead of a battery ignition system with all its inherent problems that must be carried in the model, we have packed the Easy Start System in a plastic box complete with a short lead ending in a plug. A socket is fitted to the engine with a built in switch to isolate the power coil from the ignition coil for starting the engine and a Hall sensor is triggered with the flywheel magnet.

The ignition timing is set for ease of starting and makes it impossible for the engine to kick back. The engine will not start in reverse! You only need to pull out the plug and she is ready to go. The Easy Start only works with Titan ZG engines and no other types, it needs the power coil and the ignition coil as separate units as fitted to the Titan ZG 45 and ZG 62 engines.

Price: £107.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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