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EasyCoat Covering

Easycoat Polyester Covering Film

Easycoat is a low-cost polyester shrink-on covering film for model aircraft, to be applied with an iron and or shrunk with a heat gun.

What makes Easycoat stand out are its excellent shrinking qualities and extremely easy application.

Easycoat consists of a special polyester basic material and a special, thermo-activated adhesive containing colour pigments.

Normally applied with temperature at approx. 80°-100°C. At this temperature Easycoat will keep its dimensions relatively constant.

Easycoat Specifications

At 150°C there will approx 10% shrinkage lengthwise and crosswise. The melting point lies at approx. 250 °C.

Environmentally friendly as it contains no heavy metals.

Material Thickness approx 32-45um

Weight approx 49-62g/m2 dependent on colour

Tensile Strength (lengthwise and cross Wise) Min 219N / 50mm

Breaking extension (lengthwise and cross Wise) min 90%

Adhesive power 7n / 25mm

Shrinkage min 10% in both directions (ref temperature 150°C)

Easycoat Seconds

Easycoat "Seconds" have some slight imperfections. The German manufacturing process has extremely high manufacturing standards so slight imperfections are rejected but made available in the "Seconds" range. Small sections of the roll may not meet the standards of the exacting modeller and may need to be rejected, but the majority of the roll will be indistinguishable from the standard Easycoat.

Easycoat White Seconds 5 Meter Roll

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